Why Us

We believe in Beautiful Architecture
and that Beautiful Architecture is worth doing,
worth the effort, worth the time.

We are a small boutique style firm which is one of our greatest assets. The Firm Principal is the client design and construction contact through the entire process.

Our Process

In the initial design conversations for all projects we work with our clients to identity their goals and wishes. We start with dialogue as broad as “dreams” to as specific as “needs.” We walk the owners to explore the unique features of each sites strengths and weaknesses…

Based on what we have learned from our exploration of project goals, client needs, and site specific information,  we sketch the site, floor plans, and exterior elevations to communicate our proposed design. We establish the conceptual aesthetics and plan layouts for the project.

Drawing from what we have learned through exploration and sketch exercises and through careful consideration of the clients program needs, we create the documents necessary to communicate the design intent. We use 3d modeling, interior drawings and project finishes (specifications) to capture project goals and maintain budgets.

As we are completing the project documents we work with our clients to develop the team necessary to deliver the project efficiently and effectively. We provide detailed construction documents and written specifications to communicate project goals, direction, and budgets to team professionals

We believe strongly in establishing a culture of complete collaboration within the project team. This creates an environment of collaboration and accountability. We stay actively involved in the project from inception to completion and help manage the building processor our clients to ensure project goals are met.

Our boutique style and site guarantees our clients and their projects the one on one service we believe is necessary to create meaningful and beautiful

We believe good design begins with the end result in mind.  We work with the client and project team to develop a home’s Exterior and Interior Architecture and finish selections, staying involved through project completion.  This, we feel, is key to a seamless design where exterior shell and interior finish are working together to create a cohesive whole.  Design professionals are making design decisions.  Every detail as well as broad stroke refers back to the projects core design ideas.  This allows for projects that are, at completion, obviously intended, thoughtful, carefully considered, complete and therefore beautiful works of Architecture.

Our team’s strong interest and background in building construction and seeing a project through to completion is a result of 20 years of experience working with design-build firms designing, drawing, managing, pricing and scheduling the construction of custom homes and meaningful projects.  This unique bank of experience allows for a design process that is firmly rooted in, and driven by, the understanding of the realities of costs and the importance of value engineering in making sure design, building, and budget align.

Head, Hand and Heart.

– C.F.A. Voysey


Joseph Michael Mosey


Joseph Michael Mosey, Principal, learned the craft of Architecture over many years with both commercial and residential design firms. He holds current architectural licenses in four states (Michigan, Illinois, Georgia and Ohio) and a current Michigan Builder’s License. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1991 with a Professional Bachelor Degree in Architecture. The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning is well known for a curriculum that emphasizes creativity and design and is always ranked among the top five Architecture programs in the country. JMA employs the talents of architects, project managers and draftsman to complete the project team, each with unique skills and experience tailored to the needs of each client.

Good Architecture is our obligation to each and every client and if done properly, to our standards, will tell the story of its client, its owner, its family. If Architecture is done beautifully, it will have the same power over the mind as music or poetry or any healthy activity, creating meaningful human experiences.

David Scott Barduca

Project Architect & Project Manager

David Scott Barduca, RA NCARB LEED AP, is a Project Architect / PM who brings over a decade of experience to our team. With experience in structural engineering, commercial & residential architecture he has gained valuable training allowing him to be a successful problem-solver and innovative thinker in our process. He graduated with honors from Lawrence Technological University with a M. Arch concentration in sustainability.

I believe architecture is meant to be responsive, a vision created to provide sustainable and safe living. Poor environmental design is a habit of weak imagination and resistance to optimism.

  • Joseph Mosey Architecture has designed a complete home remodel for our lake house. The home was very dark, had limited views of the lake, and was choppy. Now we have incredible views and an open floor plan.
  • Joe helped us transform an older cottage that was built in 1901 into the cottage of our dreams. Joe is easy to work with, responds to the client and the builder on a timely basis. I would not hesitate to hire Joe again as well as recommend him to others.
  • I am an interior designer, and exclusively use only Joe Mosey on all the projects I am involved in - including my own home. I have worked with Joe on numerous projects from remodels to over 6,500 sq. ft. new constructions over the past ten years. Throughout every phase of the project Joe focuses on every detail, the overall process, and genuinely considers his clients lifestyle and how they will utilize the space by creating strong personal relationships and connections with them. He is a master at incorporating the natural elements and listening to his clients wishes to make his clients dream home a reality.
  • Joe Mosey was highly recommended not only because of his design instincts but also because of his unique ability to solve problems. We were connecting two condominium units, there were many obstacles. Joe's original design was outstanding but once the demolition started significant surprises were discovered. Joe's suggestions to circumvent the problems were spot-on, his ability to work through those problems was impressive. We are delighted with the final results and Joe Mosey deserves much of the credit.
  • Our family hired Joseph Mosey Architecture to design a lake house. We knew from the minute he walked on the property that he understood the land and how to position the house to get the most out of the lake views. Joe listened to all of our ideas, looked at our Houzz accounts and nailed the design on the first draft! He was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire design and building process...always answering any questions we had, helping us look for builders who could deliver what he designed and keeping in touch with us any time we needed guidance. The entire experience with Joe was a pleasure, from conception to completion! And we have an amazing lake house too!